This was by no means the dirtiest oven to start off with, in fact the owner had just cleaned it with Oven Pride, but, it just doesn’t reach all the parts you want or need it to.

Unless you are comfortable completely stripping the oven down, including all rack fixings, back plates, fans etc., Oven Pride wont get your oven sparkling like a professional deep clean would.

When One Less Job visit your home, our fully trained oven cleaner will strip the oven completely and deep clean ALL parts, including stripping the oven door to get to each piece of glass. (Some doors have 4 pieces of glass!!!)

Don’t get us wrong, using off the shelf chemicals is better than not cleaning your oven, but its time consuming, the products are dangerous unless used correctly, and you have to soak oven night and leave for a few hours after the clean.
With One Less Job, we use one non-caustic products which are 100% safe for us, for you, your pets, and of course your oven! We’re done after a couple of hours and your oven is safe to use straight away!

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